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New sets for 2018

At the Toyfair in Nürnberg the new Sluban sets for 2018 are introduced! A lot of new sets in different theme's like Police, WW2, Carclub and Town. Read more and get impressed! 


The biggest update is our Police theme that will be extended with 15 cool, new sets! A Police office, a police boat, a S.W.A.T. team and several vehicles. Off course there are sets in different priceranges.

Sluban Police Nieuw


A new theme for this year is 'Carclub'. This theme has 3 subthemes with cool cars. Fast cars, race cars and offroad-vehicles! On YouTube is a nice movie of the race-cars.

Army WW2

Army WW2

Army WW2

Also our populair Army theme will get new items! In our subtheme 'WorldWar2' there will be around 15 new sets as tanks, airplanes and other vehicles. The sets have very nice details as you can see on the next pictures.

Nieuwe Sluban World War 2 sets

Town Baywatch

What do you think of the happy Baywatch theme? An extension of the Towntheme with lifegeards from the beach rescue team.

Nieuwe Sluban Townsets

Next to this, there will be some new planes in our Aviation theme, a new Aircraft Carrier, cool 6 into 1 robots and some more... Stay updated with Sluban and don't miss anything!


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